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Oil Tank Maintenance: 5 Tips For The Summer

Oil Tank Maintenance: 5 Tips For The Summer

Oil tank maintenance new jersey

Your heating oil tank is built to last for more than a decade – but most will last longer with regular maintenance from a qualified heating professional. More importantly, a little TLC for your oil storage tank can help prevent a costly heating oil tank repair bill down the road, or even potentially disastrous oil tank failure.

Here are some maintenance tasks you can perform yourself on your heating oil tank; for anything more complicated, it’s best to contact the pros at JW Pierson for heating tank maintenance in NJ.

DIY Oil Tank Tasks

  1. Keep your tank at least half full – An empty oil tank is prone to a build-up of condensation (water) on its interior tank walls; that water will eventually find its way into your fuel, where it will sink to the bottom of your tank and corrode it from the inside-out. A damp tank interior will also encourage the growth of bacteria in your fuel, which will slowly turn your heating oil into a thick sludge that clogs your fuel lines.
  2. Watch for leaks – Periodically examine the tank, fuel delivery and vent lines, valves, supply and return lines and all fittings. Look for signs of oil or rust that might indicate a leak or some other problem.
  3. Keep an eye on the tank legs – Check your oil tank’s support legs for problems that could destabilize the tank. Make sure your tank is on a level surface – preferably on a concrete pad or level basement floor. If you notice weakened support legs, contact us right away.
  4. Look for surface damage – Examine your heating oil tank for obvious dents, oil stains and any signs of wear, settling or tilting, which could lead to problems later.
  5. Keep your fill pipe clear – Keep your oil tank’s fill pipe accessible for heating oil deliveries year-round; if the area is overgrown, clear it and mark the location so that your heating oil delivery team can find it quickly.

A properly maintained heating oil storage tank could last two decades or more, so it pays to make the effort to keep it leak-free and working at its best.

If your heating oil tank is on its last legs, don’t wait to replace it – install a new oil tank in New Jersey today, before you have an ugly remediation problem on your hands!

Contact JW Pierson today to learn more about heating oil tank installations in Essex County, NJ.

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