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How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC System Cool?

Ductless mini-splits are versatile for many home sizes. You don’t serve families in northern New Jersey for over 100 years without realizing that every customer and every home is different. At JW Pierson Co., we provide HVAC services for newly constructed homes, historic structures and everything in between. Some of our customers are individuals with […]

Using a Generator Safely

Simple tips for propane and natural gas standby generators. At JW Pierson Co., we often speak with homeowners who are concerned about power outages in Northern New Jersey. These customers include older adults who depend on stair lifts and other electric mobility equipment. They include folks who need power for vital at-home medical devices and […]

Is Ductless A/C Good for Northern Climate Homes?

Ductless mini-splits can reliably cool just about any Northern NJ household. Part of living in our part of the country is anticipating both sweltering summers and blustery winters. For homes in South Orange and across Northern New Jersey, the choice of cooling systems must offer comfort and efficiency. One system that JW Pierson Co. is […]

The Best Central Air Conditioning Temperature Settings

HVAC tips to lower your energy bills while you stay cool. Without a doubt, it can be a relief to shut down the furnace or boiler in the spring and start looking ahead to the warmer months ahead. Still, temperatures that are refreshingly mild now will soon turn sweltering in Northern New Jersey. Customers often […]

Do Heat Pumps Use Too Much Electricity?

Smart comparisons for furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. Technology is changing pretty quickly these days. Think of a television from 15 years ago. Even a flat-screen model was bulky and heavy, and it lacked all smart TV features. Today, seemingly every major purchase involves considerable research to find the most tech-forward, user-friendly and energy-efficient option. […]

What Type of Generator Do I Need?

Choosing the best backup power option for your Northern New Jersey home When the power grid fails in our part of the country, it can be a true safety issue. People sometimes think of blackouts as inconveniences where the lights and television cut out, and you can’t charge your phone. But if you lose power […]

6 Home Heating Energy Efficiency Tips

Stay comfortable and use less heating oil! With the arrival of winter, home heating systems in Nutley and throughout northern New Jersey are running most of the day and night. While home heating oil can generate a lot of heat and comfort for Garden State households, no one likes the increased energy spending that comes […]

How Do I Change My Furnace Filter?

This simple task can boost your heating efficiency and indoor air quality! Pop quiz! When was the last time you checked the air filter in your home’s forced air HVAC system? Believe it or not, your furnace’s air filter sees quite a lot of use in both cold and warm months. It’s the first line […]

Is My Radiator Too Old?

Know the signs that your boiler heating system is showing its age. If your home in Montclair or elsewhere in northern New Jersey has a boiler heating system, you may have radiators in most of your rooms. These steel, aluminum or cast-iron items receive either steam or hot water from your boiler. This steam or […]

Does Heating Oil Freeze?

How frosty winter weather can affect your heating fuel. For households in Bloomfield and other cities in Northern New Jersey, heating oil has long been a dependable way to stay warm in the coldest winter conditions. Heating oil produces roughly 138,500 Btu of heat energy per gallon. To get that same heat production, you’d need […]