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Will Your Home Heating System Make It Through Winter?

Boiler or furnace maintenance makes a big difference. What would you do if you heard a rattling sound when accelerating in your car? You’d probably contact a mechanic to prevent a breakdown on the highway. What if the ice cream in your freezer started coming out half-melted? You’d probably contact a repair person and maybe […]

Use Your Thermostat Effectively in Fall and Winter

The best indoor HVAC settings for cool weather. Open up the weather app on your phone, and you’ll see that the weather is unpredictable this time of year. In Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties, we’ve had some days this month that have felt almost like summer, but we’ve also had our share of frigid nights. […]

How Long Will Your Heating Oil Last This Winter?

Eliminate the guesswork with automatic heating oil delivery. Whatever happens with energy prices this winter, you can count on fantastic efficiency if you heat your home with heating oil. Heating oil generates a tremendous amount of warmth per gallon — the equivalent of about 134 cubic feet of natural gas!* Moreover, today’s oil heating equipment […]

How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

What to expect when upgrading to a high-efficiency oil-fired boiler. How did your home’s boiler system do last year? Did it struggle to keep you and your family warm when the Northeast experienced arctic conditions last December? How often did you have to call in the pros at JW Pierson Co. for a boiler repair […]

What Affects Heating Oil Prices in New Jersey?

Global and local factors that affect fuel prices. We all feel better knowing we’re getting the best price for the goods we buy. But in the last few years, that hasn’t been easy. Last year, U.S. inflation reached its highest rate in over 40 years. It affected just about everything, from bread to gasoline to […]

When Do You Need a Professional Heating Repair?

Ensure the safety and reliability of your home boiler or furnace. You might not believe it, but summer will be behind us soon. In addition to raking leaves, choosing Halloween costumes and ordering that first pumpkin-flavored drink of the season, it’ll also be time to power up your heating equipment for the fall and winter. […]

What Is The Best Summer Thermostat Setting?

Beat the summer heat without exploding your home energy budget. It’s natural to want to run your central air conditioning nonstop when the weather is this hot and steamy in northern New Jersey. But electricity rates have been rising over the last few years, and everyone is looking for ways to cut down on energy […]

Should You Get Mini-Split AC for Your Home?

Ductless systems provide efficient and long-lasting air conditioning. The summer heat has reached scorching levels. How is your home feeling these days? Plenty of houses in Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties have no ductwork because they were built before central heating and air conditioning became widely popular in the U.S. But just because a room […]

How Often Should Generators Be Serviced?

Keep your generator 100 percent reliable. Would you go an entire year without checking your car’s oil or bringing it to a mechanic for a tune-up? Of course, you wouldn’t. Ignoring the maintenance of your car would lower its fuel efficiency and put you and your loved ones at risk by increasing the chance of […]

How Much Electricity Does Central Air Use?

Save energy with your central cooling equipment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), roughly 6 percent of all electricity this country produces gets used by air conditioning systems — costing U.S. households approximately $29 billion annually! With temperatures rising in Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties, many JW Pierson customers are looking for […]