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The Best Central Air Conditioning Temperature Settings

The Best Central Air Conditioning Temperature Settings

HVAC tips to lower your energy bills while you stay cool.

central air West Orange, NJ Without a doubt, it can be a relief to shut down the furnace or boiler in the spring and start looking ahead to the warmer months ahead.

Still, temperatures that are refreshingly mild now will soon turn sweltering in Northern New Jersey. Customers often ask the HVAC pros at JW Pierson Co. how they should set their central air conditioning to balance summer comfort and energy savings. We’re always more than happy to provide some guidance.

What’s the ideal A/C temperature for summer?

Let’s start by acknowledging that every household is different, and unique variables can impact how low you need to set your thermostat. Individual preferences, the age of your family members and health concerns — these all affect your thermostat settings.

That said, when people ask us what temperature they should set their thermostat in the summer, we typically suggest 78° F. We find that this temperature strikes a balance between comfort and keeping electricity consumption low. If nothing else, we recommend starting the cooling season with this temperature and adjusting as needed.

How else can you keep cooling expenses low?

There are plenty of simple, cost-effective ways to lower your A/C usage without sacrificing comfort this summer. Here are some options.

Arrange Your A/C Maintenance with JW Pierson.

Spring is an excellent time to bring in the HVAC professionals from JW Pierson to perform a tune-up on your cooling equipment. With winter behind us in West Orange and throughout our region, our technicians have more availability to perform routine service. We’ll have your equipment running efficiently well ahead of the summer.

To arrange maintenance or enroll in our affordable Cool Comfort service plans (which include a complimentary tune-up), contact our team today.