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Why Is My Central Air Not Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Central Air Not Blowing Cold Air?

Let’s troubleshoot your home’s cooling equipment.

central air Glen Ridge, NJ We all love the outdoor fun and beautiful afternoons that summer brings to northern New Jersey. However, these warm days can become thoroughly uncomfortable if your home’s central air conditioning isn’t working correctly.

At JW Pierson, we install, repair and service cooling systems for homeowners in Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties. One of the most common issues we hear about is warm air coming from A/C vents. In many cases, you can solve this issue on your own with basic A/C troubleshooting. Other problems require a licensed HVAC technician.

Let’s take a look at some of the A/C problems you can handle yourself and which ones require a call to the friendly pros at JW Pierson.

1. Thermostat Issues

If you’re getting warm air from your vents, start your troubleshooting by looking at your thermostat. Confirm that it’s set to “air conditioning,” “cool” or “fan” mode. If it is, check that the temperature is set at least 5 degrees cooler than the current room temperature.

Do you have a battery-powered thermostat? If its screen is blank, you may need to change the batteries.

2. Power Supply Issues

If a component of your central A/C system isn’t receiving power, it can result in air not cooling down. Make sure there are no blown fuses or tripped breakers that could be depriving power to your indoor or outdoor cooling equipment. Also, look at the power switches on all your cooling system units and make sure they’re on.

3. Dirty Air Filters

During the summer, we recommend that you check your HVAC system’s air filter every month. A dirty or clogged filter can restrict airflow and result in weakened or warm air from your vents. Luckily, this is a simple fix. You can clean a reusable air filter and return it to its slot. Disposable filters must be replaced, but you can typically find them at home stores, and they aren’t expensive.

4. Outdoor Obstructions

Check on your A/C’s outdoor compressor. If it’s obstructed by plant life or debris, that could be the cause of your cooling issue. Clear away about two feet of space around your outdoor A/C unit so that it can “breathe.”

Is It Time to Call JW Pierson?

If the troubleshooting tips above did not get the cool air flowing from your central A/C equipment, there could be a more significant issue. Some likely problems could be:

Pretty much all these issues require a licensed HVAC technician. The expert team at JW Pierson Co. is at your service for routine maintenance and urgent repairs of central air conditioning equipment. We can quickly identify the issue and resolve it to get your system back online. If there’s a significant problem with your aging A/C that requires a replacement system, we can help you find an efficient, cost-effective product and install it for you.

Have an A/C issue you can’t fix yourself? Reach out to JW Pierson. We proudly serve households in Glen Ridge and across Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties.