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Choosing the Right Heating Oil Tank for Your Home

Choosing the Right Heating Oil Tank for Your Home

JW Pierson Co. has state-of-the-art oil tanks in a range of sizes

oil tank installation new jersey How old is your heating oil tank? If you’ve lived in your home for less than 20 years, you may have never needed to replace your tank. Aboveground heating oil tanks have an average lifespan of 25 years. (Underground tanks last closer to 15 years.)

But these tanks don’t last forever. You don’t want to wait for your oil tank to spring a leak before replacing it. Oil leaks can be costly to clean up, after all. It might be time to start thinking about replacing your heating oil tank if it’s older than 20 years and displaying some of these issues:

What should you look for when it’s time to upgrade to a new tank? What’s the right tank size for your home? Here are a few factors to consider.

What is your current tank size?

To begin, you should ascertain the size of the tank you’re replacing by figuring out its dimensions and capacity. With a tape measure, determine its height, length and width. Now, you’ll be able to select a replacement that fits the available space.

The capacity of an oil tank is measured in gallons and should be listed on the nameplate for newer models. For tanks that don’t have this information, you can easily estimate it by referring to the dimensions. You can also utilize an online calculator.

By and large, the most common size for a heating oil tank is 275 gallons, which can accommodate a three-bedroom house. Tank sizes can run from about 100 gallons for apartments to as large as 675 gallons.

What are your heating oil usage habits?

The JW Pierson team takes several factors into account to confirm that your new heating oil tank will accommodate your fuel needs. Here are some things we consider:

What can the JW Pierson team do for you?

A JW Pierson Co., we help households throughout Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties upgrade to new oil tanks from leading manufacturers like Granby and Roth. These tanks are lightyears more advanced than earlier models, with double-wall construction, leak protection and lock-seamed galvanized steel with an oil- and fire-resistant seal. They’re virtually leak-proof!

Is your heating oil tank getting up in years? Contact us now to arrange a FREE tank inspection. Our team of skilled technicians is always here to help.