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A/C Maintenance & Service Plans

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air Conditioning Service Plans for your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ, Home

Stay cool all summer with proper AC maintenance

Air conditioning is a big investment in your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home. So protect your investment with regular maintenance and the Cool Comfort service plan from JW Pierson!

Our technicians are trained, experienced, certified and insured. We can perform maintenance tune-ups on both central air conditioning systems and ductless mini-splits. Regular maintenance and tune-ups not only keep your system in good running order, they give our technicians the opportunity to spot problems before they lead to big repair jobs.

An AC service plan saves money

service planWith JW Pierson’s Cool Comfort air conditioning service plans, your AC system will get the intensive care and maintenance it needs to keep running at peak efficiency so you get maximum comfort for minimum costs.

One feature of our Cool Comfort service plans is the 14-point air conditioning maintenance checklist. Here’s what our service technicians do during the Cool Comfort tune-up of your central air conditioning system:

  • replace air filters
  • carefully inspect outdoor evaporator coil (clean as needed)
  • inspect the fan belt and adjust tension or replace if necessary
  • inspect and clean the condensate drain, pump and unloader
  • check the amperage on the motor fan
  • lubricate the fan motor, capacitor motor and the engine cooling fan
  • inspect the outdoor condenser coil and clean if necessary
  • inspect and test relays, capacitors and transformers
  • inspect fan motor and condenser service
  • check the voltage of the condenser fan motor and amperage
  • check refrigerant pressure and adjust as needed
  • perform air handler, air currents and temperature test
  • check the operating controls
  • register service and state of AC system in your account information

JW Pierson can help you keep your air conditioning system running at its best with maintenance and service plans. Contact us today to get started!