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A/C Systems

AC installation in Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ

Count on JW Pierson for quality air conditioning installation

When summer’s heat and humidity bear down on Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ, there is an option besides fleeing to the Jersey Shore.

You can stay home in cool comfort with air conditioning installed by JW Pierson!

Whether you are upgrading from your current air conditioning system or adding air conditioning, JW Pierson’s technicians have the knowledge and experience so you not only get the right air conditioning system, but the experts in AC installation.

compressorThe average life expectancy of a central air conditioning system is around 12 to 15 years. How do you know if you need to upgrade your current air conditioner? Here are three things to look for:

  • a rise in your energy costs when using your air conditioner
  • maintenance and repairs are no longer cost-efficient
  • your AC uses R-22 (commonly known as Freon) as the refrigerant

That last one is because R-22 has been phased out and replaced by R-410a. Thanks to supply and demand, costs for R-22 have skyrocketed. Topping off the R-22 in your current AC system may now cost hundreds of dollars each year. And that’s on top of regular maintenance and repairs.

JW Pierson installs energy-efficient central air conditioning systems by top makers like American Standard, Goodman and Tempstar.

mini splitIf you’ve always thought you couldn’t have an air conditioning system in your home because there’s no ductwork, we have some wonderful news for you: ductless mini-split air conditioning from Fujitsu!

Finally, you have a better alternative to the major expense, mess and hassle of installing ductwork and inefficient window air conditioners that block light while letting in pollen, dust, dirt and bugs. Mini-splits are quieter than window units, and are quick and easy to install. And, even better, you can zone your cooling for even more energy efficiency!

Whichever air conditioning system you choose, JW Pierson’s service technicians are trained, certified and insured so you can rest assured that we’ll do the job right. We also provide regular maintenance and repairs, and offer service plans to help you save more money!

Make JW Pierson your air conditioning installation service and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber all summer long!