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Prepare for Winter Outages With A Generator

Prepare for Winter Outages With A Generator

4 Ways a Propane Generator Offers Total Peace of Mind

generators Nutley, nj The holidays are approaching, and there’s a lot to look forward to in Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties. There are festive light shows to attend, family gatherings to arrange and gifts to exchange. One thing our customers would rather not experience this holiday season is a power grid outage.

Still, being prepared for grid blackouts is important because getting caught without electricity in freezing temperatures can be downright dangerous. In December 2022, sudden severe winter weather in the Northeast darkened hundreds of thousands of homes and cost dozens of lives.

However, JW Pierson Co. has backup power solutions for northern New Jersey households. Here are four significant benefits of whole-house standby generators.

1. Standby Generators Work Automatically.

The Honeywell propane and natural gas standby generators that we install have automatic transfer switches. They will come on automatically when they determine that your utility power has gone out. There’s no need to go outside in inclement weather to get a portable generator started.

This is especially useful if you’re away from your house in the winter. Losing power can cause frigid conditions inside your home, leading to frozen and burst pipes. Your security system and sump pump can go offline, severely imperiling your property. But a standby generator will keep all this equipment running, even if you’re hundreds of miles away!

2. Propane and Natural Gas Are There When You Need Them.

Portable generators use gasoline and diesel, which have limited shelf lives (six months max for gasoline and 12 months max for diesel). If you need more of these fuels, your local service station may be out of order during a blackout.

The propane in a home tank has a virtually infinite shelf life, and your natural gas utility should be able to supply fuel for your generator, too. So, you can rest easy knowing that your generator will have plenty of fuel when needed.

3. No Extension Cords are Necessary.

A standby generator is connected to your home’s electrical supply. It feeds your outlets, fixtures and appliances directly. If you depend on a gas or diesel-powered generator, you’ll probably be running extension cords outside to power individual devices. That’s an inconvenient, potentially hazardous way to handle backup power for your house.

4. Whole House Generators Power Whatever You Need.

The JW Pierson team can fully assess your home’s systems and discuss what’s most important to power during a grid outage. Then, we’ll find a Honeywell product that meets your exact needs. Some households require power for every light, outlet and appliance. Others may only want to power the heating, fridge and some specific lights and devices.

Many of our customers have essential medical equipment or electric wheelchairs that require power. We’ll be certain to include that in our assessment.

You can also count on JW Pierson for a quick, thorough and safe generator installation — plus generator maintenance for years to come.

Get ahead of winter electricity woes. Contact our team for a free estimate on a whole-house generator.