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Why Think About Your Heating Oil Tank This Summer?

Why Think About Your Heating Oil Tank This Summer?

oil tank service new jerseyThe seasons are changing here in New Jersey, and soon it will be time to give your oil-fired heating system a much-needed breather after a long, drawn-out fall, winter and spring. Before you do that, we suggest doing two things, if you haven’t already: schedule routine heating maintenance and top of your oil tank.

The first of these suggestions is probably obvious – after all, just about any home comfort equipment needs routine professional maintenance to keep it running efficiently and reliably year in, year out. But why schedule a heating oil delivery during the offseason, when your air conditioner has taken center stage?

The answer is to keep your oil tank from corroding.

Avoiding Oil Tank Sludging

You see, as seasons change, water (condensation) forms inside your oil tank – much as it does on a cold glass during the summer. Simply put, more water will form inside an empty tank than one filled with fuel.

A build-up of condensation is something you definitely want to avoid, for two big reasons. First, the bacteria in your fuel thrives in a damp environment: over time, that bacteria will turn your heating oil into a thick fuel line- and burner nozzle-clogging sludge. Second, water – which is heavier than oil – will sink to the bottom of the tank. What happens when a steel tank encounters water? You got it: rust. Corrosion will eventually lead to a tank leak – or, if you’re really unlikely, to a tank failure. The worst part is that you might not see it coming until it’s too late.

The Bottom Line

A build-up of condensation is not good for your oil storage tank, and keeping it full during the offseason is an easy way to reduce the chances of it happening. Topping off your tank now could also be a good way to save some money, since heating oil prices are often at their lowest during the offseason.

Need to top off your heating tank this summer? We can help you with an offseason heating oil delivery in New Jersey. Contact JW Pierson today to schedule your heating oil delivery in NJ!