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Heating Oil

Dependable Heating Oil Service in Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ

JW Pierson: More than 100 years of service

There aren’t many businesses these days that last 100 years or more. But that’s not all that makes JW Pierson stand out. How we got here is what matters, because it’s all about you, our customers and our community here in Essex, Passaic and Bergen counties.

We offer competitive pricing on our heating oil, kerosene and commercial on- and off-road diesel fuels, gasoline and kerosene. And great prices are just the beginning!

  • We get to your home no matter how bad the weather gets. Our drivers are amazing!
  • You get peace of mind with our automatic delivery. We’ll make sure you get a heating oil delivery before you run low.
  • You get high-quality heating oil, with biofuels that help improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • You get payment and pricing options tailored to meet your needs and your budget.
  • You get reliable, friendly customer service.

Biofuels: Better for the planet and for your home

Heating oil delivery from JW Pierson offers something special. Our heating oil is a blend of traditional heating oil and biofuels.

If you don’t know all that biofuel can do, have we got news for you! Biofuel is a renewable energy resource made with things like:

  • recycled restaurant grease
  • plant oils such as soybean, sunflower, corn and grapeseed
  • animal fats
  • algae

Biofuel means you’re using less actual heating oil to keep your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home warm. It also helps your heating oil burn much cleaner, with fewer emissions, making it better for the environment. It also causes less wear and tear on your home heating system. That gives you better efficiency, longer equipment life and fewer breakdowns and repairs.

heating oil delivery

Your resource for kerosene

We don’t just provide heating oil to our Essex, Passaic and Bergen County customers, we also deliver kerosene. Who uses kerosene? Many homes and businesses. If you live in a mobile home, or if your home doesn’t have a basement, your heating fuel tank has to be outside. In the bitter cold that you can get here in New Jersey, heating oil stored in outdoor aboveground tanks are at risk for gelling, or thickening, which can damage your heating system. Kerosene doesn’t gel. And unlike heating oil, it can also be used for cooking.

More than fuel delivery

Besides delivering fuels like heating oil, kerosene and commercial fuel, JW Pierson offers equipment and services you need to use those fuels.

Our heating oil tanks are top quality and designed to last for decades.

Don’t forget, we also offer oil-fired furnaces, boilers and water heaters. Our certified and insured service technicians can install, maintain and repair every piece of equipment we sell. Our service plans help you keep your oil-fired equipment running at peak efficiency, helping keep your energy costs down.

JW Pierson serves local businesses

The backbone of the Essex, Passaic and Bergen County economy is local businesses like ours. JW Pierson is proud to provide commercial fuels, such as on- and off-road diesel fuels, gasoline and kerosene to keep our fellow locally-based businesses going strong.

We deliver diesel to filling stations, golf courses and several other types of businesses throughout northern New Jersey. Our unbranded gasoline is sold to gas stations and other commercial operations.

With JW Pierson, you get competitive prices as well as reliable, prompt and safe delivery of your commercial fuels by courteous and friendly delivery drivers who put safety first. We can deliver on a schedule that meets your needs, and we’re glad to work with you!

Whether you live in Bloomfield, Montclair, Clifton or South Orange, JW Pierson is the heating oil delivery service you can trust. Become a customer today!