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What Is Biofuel

What is Biofuel?

JW Pierson uses biofuel to enhance the heating oil we deliver to your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ, home

If you use heating oil to keep your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home warm and comfortable, biofuel is a big thing as it makes the heating oil you get from JW Pierson even better.

What are the benefits of biodiesel in heating oil?

Biofuels do so much for your heating oil. One of the big things it does is that it increases efficiency while creating much fewer emissions.

In New Jersey, heating oil providers exclusively deliver ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). It has 99% less sulfur than traditional oil, and results in emissions being reduced by 70%. ULSHO produces almost zero particulate emissions.

When you combine biofuel with our ULSHO, your heating oil burns cleaner. That clean burning is also good for your home’s oil heating system. It leaves fewer deposits on the heat exchanger. That translates to less wear on your heating system. Thanks to biofuel and ULSHO, your heating system lasts longer with fewer breakdowns or repairs.

Heating oil with biofuel works in your heating system just the same, so you don’t have to add equipment to or change your heating system.

What is biofuel made of?

Biofuel is the next level of heating oil. It’s made with renewable resources such as:

  • vegetable oils such as sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, flax, palm and canola
  • animal fats, including beef tallow and pork lard
  • recycled restaurant grease (those French fries you had with lunch helped a good cause!)
  • algae
  • plants such as wild pennycress and hemp

what is biofuelWhat biofuel is used for is to make your heating oil even better. You’re also getting these benefits for using biofuel in your heating oil while using less heating oil!

Biofuels: Better for the planet and for your home

Heating oil delivery from JW Pierson offers something special. We deliver a blend of biofuels and Ultra-Low Sulphur Heating Oil that will make you proud of how you heat your home.

Biofuels are created from renewable energy sources like plant oils, recycled restaurant grease, animal fats and algae. When blended with Ultra-Low Sulphur Heating Oil, great things happen:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are cut dramatically.
  • Your system runs cleaner and more efficiently, saving you money and extending its lifespan.
  • You experience fewer breakdowns

Best of all, it requires no modifications to your current heating system, and there is no extra cost. If environmental impact matters to you, you can feel proud you use JW Pierson.

Become a JW Pierson heating oil delivery customer and enjoy the benefits that biofuel brings to your home! We deliver to Bloomfield, Montclair, Glen Ridge, Nutley, Verona, Clifton and all over Essex, Passaic and Bergen counties.