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Need Help Paying Your Heating Bill? Help Is Available

Need Help Paying Your Heating Bill? Help Is Available

help with heating bill new jerseyThis year has been a stressful one, to say the least – and for many of us, upcoming winter heating bills will add to the challenges we’re already facing.

If you think you will have trouble paying for heat this winter, assistance is available through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Here are three common questions and answers about LIHEAP to help you get the application process started.

Heating Assistance Q&A

  1. What is LIHEAP? LIHEAP is a federal program that helps low-income households with their home energy bills. LIHEAP offers several types of help for eligible, including Regular and Emergency benefits, Heating Repair or Replacement benefits, and Clean and Tune Benefits.
  2. What are the LIHEAP program requirements? To qualify for LIHEAP in New Jersey, you must be an NJ resident with a monthly household income (before taxes) that must not exceed the amounts indicated here.
    LIHEAP eligibility and benefits are based on:
    • income,
    • household size,
    • the primary heating source, and
    • the presence of a household member who is under age 6, age 60 or older or permanently disabled.

    To find out if you may be eligible and apply for LIHEAP and other programs and services, visit this NJ State eligibility page for prescreening requirements.

  3. How can I apply for LIHEAP?

For further information, please visit:

Stay safe and warm this winter with assistance from LIHEAP and dependable heating oil deliveries in NJ from JW Pierson. Contact us today to learn more.