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Get a Whole-House Generator for Your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ, Home

A home standby generator gives you comfort, security and peace of mind

Whether it is ice and snow in the winter or thunderstorms and hurricanes in the summer, your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home is vulnerable to power outages year-round.

Power outages can last for days. That’s why so many homeowners are having JW Pierson install Honeywell whole-house backup generators to keep their homes safe and comfortable when the power goes out.

These whole-house backup generators aren’t the dinky portable ones you get at the local home improvement store. These are permanently installed in your home, and run on natural gas or propane.

generatorsSeconds after the power goes out, the Honeywell generator starts automatically.

The professionals at JW Pierson will assess your home’s size and your family’s needs so you get the right-sized generator. This is a personalized choice, not one size fits all.

Some families only need power to keep the lights on, the food in the refrigerator and freezer cold, the WiFi running and the phones charged. But your family may want or need more. You may work from home and need your computer, printer and other home office equipment powered. You may have pets like fish, turtles or lizards that need heating equipment to stay healthy and safe. You or someone in your family may depend on electric-powered medical equipment like home dialysis or electric wheelchairs.

generatorsHaving a whole-house backup generator can even help lower your home insurance bills!

JW Pierson can also help with financing for your new home standby generator.

We’re there for you after your whole-house backup generator is installed with generator maintenance and generator repair so your generator is ready to run when you need it.

Weather the storm in comfort. Contact JW Pierson about whole house backup generator installation!