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Heat Pumps/Mini-Splits

Heat Pump and Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ

JW Pierson installs, maintains and repairs these!

mini split productsIf you’ve never heard of heat pumps, also known as ductless mini-splits, you may be surprised to learn just how they can be used in your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home.

JW Pierson is your local one-stop shop for mini-split sales, installation, maintenance and repairs.

What are ductless mini-split systems?

A ductless mini-split consists of two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor air handling units. These two components are connected by the conduit, which holds the power cable, copper tubing and condensate drain.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps work by compressing the colder air from the outdoors, which heats it, and sends it inside your home.

Advantages of ductless mini-split systems

Ductless mini-split heat pump systems have long been used in other countries around the world.

With a ductless mini-split heat pump system, you also get great energy efficiency. Because there’s no ductwork, there’s no heat loss through ducts.

Ductless mini-split heat pump systems are easy to install, making them a cost-effective option.

mini splitYou can zone heating in your home with a ductless mini-split heat pump system.

Even if you already heat your home with a furnace or boiler, a ductless mini-split heat pump system can provide heating to unheated spaces such as finished attics, home additions and three-season porches.

Today’s ductless mini-split heat pump systems are less visible than they used to be, so they blend in with your home’s interior and aren’t obtrusive. Whatever you call them, if you’re looking for mini-split or heat pump installation, heat pump maintenance or heat pump repair, trust JW Pierson! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our mini-split and heat pump services