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Indoor Air Quality

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, NJ, Home

Make your home more comfortable with JW Pierson

Does your skin get super dry and itchy in the wintertime? Do you constantly have to apply lip balm at home or frequently wake up with dry and cracked lips? Do your allergy or asthma symptoms seem worse at home? Do your nose and throat feel dry when you’re at home?

If you’re answering “yes” to these questions, the air inside your home may be too dry. Very dry air is not good for your home, it’s not good for your family, and it’s not good for you.

indoor air qualityThat’s why you should look into having JW Pierson install an Aprilaire whole-house humidifier to increase the comfort in your Essex, Passaic and Bergen County home.

First, very dry air can create all of those above problems, as well as the hassle of static electricity. But did you know all the ways very dry air can damage your home and belongings, including electronics like TVs and computers and artwork?

That dry air can cause separation in your hardwood flooring, as well as shrinkage and cracks. It can damage the wood trim and molding in your home. The wood cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom, rec room and home office can shrink and crack. This can expose panel edges, which will not match the tone of the rest of the cabinetry. If there is expansion and contraction over the summer and winter, the finish or paint on your cabinet could be damaged.

You can end up with higher heating costs because drier air makes you feel colder, so you crank the thermostat.

JW Pierson can help you with choosing, installing, maintaining and repairing an Aprilaire whole-house humidifier.

Protect your family and your home with The Air Scrubber by Aerus

You clean, you vacuum, you wipe down items coming into your home, you wash your hands, you use hand sanitizer. You do a lot of things to protect your home and family from viruses and other dangers like mold, bacteria, and allergens.

Give yourself even more peace of mind with the Air Scrubber by Aerus. It attaches directly to your HVAC system’s ductwork to remove air pollution, VOCs, surface contaminants, pet dander, dust, and smells including cooking odors. Your home’s air will be cleaner and healthier!

Aerus’s proprietary ActivePure® Technology uses light waves and a catalytic process to produce scrubber ions that remove dust particles in the air. Certified Space Technology continuously purifies the air and attacks contaminants on all the surfaces in your home.

The Air Scrubber also protects your HVAC system from dust buildup, protecting the equipment from the dust and dirt that can lead to equipment breakdowns. That protection can also help your HVAC system last longer!

Get in touch with the indoor air quality experts at JW Pierson to learn more about whole-house humidifier installation, air purifier installation and air purifier repair