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Will Your Home Heating System Make It Through Winter?

Will Your Home Heating System Make It Through Winter?

Boiler or furnace maintenance makes a big difference.

What would you do if you heard a rattling sound when accelerating in your car? You’d probably contact a mechanic to prevent a breakdown on the highway.

What if the ice cream in your freezer started coming out half-melted? You’d probably contact a repair person and maybe start researching new refrigerators.

You almost certainly wouldn’t ignore the problem and wait for your equipment to fail before taking action.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners in West Orange, Montclair, Clifton and other northern New Jersey cities ignore issues with their home heating equipment. If you notice strange noises, persistent burning smells, increasing energy bills and substandard heating, don’t just toss an extra blanket on your bed. We strongly encourage you to contact the JW Pierson Co. for a heating maintenance visit.

When did you last have heating service?

As a general rule, you should arrange a furnace or boiler tune-up once a year. This allows a professional technician to inspect and test your equipment. They can clean and calibrate your system and preemptively fix any small issues before they balloon into full-scale breakdowns.

(Additionally, most manufacturers’ warranties require you to get professional service annually. If you skip that yearly tune-up, you’ll be on the hook to pay for repairs your manufacturer should cover.)

How do you benefit from regular heating maintenance?

We tell our valued customers that routine maintenance pays for itself throughout the year. Here are some benefits you can enjoy from an annual tune-up:

  1. Better fuel efficiency, which will lower your oil or gas expenses.
  2. Fewer system issues, meaning fewer visits for home heating system repairs.
  3. Longer system lifespan. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer.
  4. Smaller carbon footprint. Boosting system performance helps your equipment burn fuel more efficiently.

The best way to ensure your boiler or furnace receives regular expert service is with a JW Pierson service plan. Our plans include a complimentary annual tune-up, plus priority emergency service and coverage for select parts and labor.

Is your boiler or furnace on its last legs?

The average lifespan for a residential home heating system is around 15 years. But even if your equipment is about 10 years old, it might lose much of its system efficiency. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace might be a smart move because the reduction in annual energy costs will quickly pay back the upfront system cost.

You also should consider updating an older home heating system if you need to get it repaired often.

At JW Pierson, we’re always happy to look at your existing boiler or furnace and advise if a heating system replacement is the right call. If you arrange a home heating installation with us, you can feel confident that a highly skilled, licensed HVAC team will replace your equipment promptly and safely. We offer competitive financing options and may even be able to help you qualify for efficiency rebates and tax credits.

Don’t ignore a struggling home heating system. Reach out to JW Pierson and request service.