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Home Heating Service in the Summer?

Home Heating Service in the Summer?

Get ahead of the game with a furnace or boiler tune-up now.

home heating Maplewood, NJ Many of our customers are surprised to learn that they can actually take care of their annual home heating system maintenance now while it’s hot outside. There’s a sense that the tune-up will “wear off” before winter comes around again. But that is not the case at all.

At JW Pierson Co., we strongly encourage households in Maplewood, Glen Ridge, Summit, Livingston and elsewhere in our Northern New Jersey service area to schedule their furnace or boiler maintenance during the summer.

The Importance of Regular Home Heating Maintenance

Your home heating equipment gets a heck of a workout every winter, even a relatively mild one like we had this past year. After all, your system typically runs for much of the day in cold weather to keep your family comfortable and safe.

And just as you wouldn’t drive for a whole year without arranging routine maintenance for your car, you must get your home heating system serviced about once a year.
An annual tune-up helps maintain your system’s fuel efficiency, keeping your fuel costs from rising unnecessarily. It also prevents breakdowns because our expert technicians can catch the early warning signs for service issues. Regular maintenance can extend your equipment’s lifespan, too.

Finally, the manufacturer’s warranty for your furnace or boiler almost certainly requires that you arrange annual professional service. If you skip your yearly tune-up and then your system breaks down, you could wind up being on the hook for the full cost of repairs.

Why a Summer Heating Tune-Up Is a Good Idea

If you’ve ever taken care of your holiday shopping in July, you know it can be a big weight off your shoulders. You beat the crowds and have the peace of mind of knowing a major “to-do” is taken care of.

The same is true of summer heating equipment maintenance. Our service team generally has much more availability than they would when the cold weather arrives. You’ll get your choice of appointments, and your equipment will be tuned up and ready to go for winter. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about your home becoming uncomfortable while we’re checking your heating system because you don’t need it in the summer.

Heating Service Plans from JW Pierson

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your heating system running reliably and efficiently. Enrolling in one of our affordable service plans is the best way to ensure your system gets the maintenance it needs. This coverage includes:

Enrolling your system with a JW Pierson service plan means you’re not only protected from sudden high repair costs, but you also can be confident that your equipment is getting the care it needs to serve you effectively for years to come.

Keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly with the most reliable, professional service team in Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen County. Reach out to JW Pierson to arrange service.