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How Do I Change My Furnace Filter?

How Do I Change My Furnace Filter?

This simple task can boost your heating efficiency and indoor air quality!

furnace  Glen Ridge, NJ Pop quiz! When was the last time you checked the air filter in your home’s forced air HVAC system?

Believe it or not, your furnace’s air filter sees quite a lot of use in both cold and warm months. It’s the first line of defense against dust, debris, mold and other airborne impurities that your furnace and central air conditioning can circulate. At JW Pierson Co., we recommend you check your air filter at least once a month during the peak heating and cooling seasons.

Checking and changing your air filter is a quick task you can handle yourself, but it makes a huge difference to your HVAC efficiency and air quality.

Where to find your furnace air filter.

A furnace filter is a flat or pleated panel made from cotton, polyester, fiberglass or paper. There are several places where your filter may be located, including the following:

What to do with a dirty or clogged air filter.

Some air filters are reusable, so you can simply wash it off, let it dry and return the cleaned filter to the furnace or return register.

Other furnace air filters are disposable. When one becomes clogged or dirty, you need to discard it and replace it with a new filter. Happily, you can purchase a replacement air filter at most home stores or hardware stores. They are quite affordable, especially when you consider the immense importance these items have for your home’s comfort.

What happens if your filters are clogged?

Left unattended, a clogged furnace filter can severely impact your comfort, your energy spending and even your health.

Clogged filters will restrict airflow, meaning that your furnace will need to cycle more frequently to keep your home warm. You’ll spend more money on fuel, and your equipment will experience faster wear and tear. You might even find yourself replacing your furnace sooner than you’d like.

Then, there are the impacts on your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). When pollutants get past your filters and circulate into your home, you may experience dry skin, irritated eyes and more frequent sneezing. Poor IAQ exacerbates asthma and allergies. It can foster colds, flu and respiratory infections.

Poor IAQ can also dry out your wood finishes, shelving and artwork, and it leads to increased dust accumulation.

JW Pierson knows furnace service!

In addition to checking your furnace air filters regularly, it’s a good idea to arrange an annual furnace tune-up. The team at JW Pierson performs comprehensive heating service in Glen Ridge and throughout Northern New Jersey. Our maintenance keeps your furnace running smoothly at peak efficiency.

Even better, you can sign up for a JW Pierson service plan and receive:

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