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How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

What to expect when upgrading to a high-efficiency oil-fired boiler.

boiler service Bergen county, nj How did your home’s boiler system do last year? Did it struggle to keep you and your family warm when the Northeast experienced arctic conditions last December? How often did you have to call in the pros at JW Pierson Co. for a boiler repair visit?

If so, it might be time to consider an upgrade to a new boiler. Today’s boilers have fuel efficiencies in the high 80- and 90-percent range. If your equipment is over 10 years old, it might have a depleted efficiency rating closer to 60 percent. That means about 40 cents of every dollar you spend on heating oil goes out your chimney without heating your home.

You can see how improving your heating efficiency by 30 percent or more can pay off fast.

If you want to explore your heating upgrade options in Essex, Passaic or Bergen County, then JW Pierson can help you. We do more boiler installations than almost anyone else in the area. Our expert HVAC team can lay out what to expect from the process.

How long will it take to install a new boiler?

If you’re simply replacing your current boiler, the installation will typically only take one to three days. However, relocating a boiler to a new room or switching the kind of boiler in your home will require new plumbing installation and add time to the project.

What’s involved in the boiler installation process?

As you likely know, a boiler system does not use ductwork. Boilers heat water and transfer either steam or hot water through pipes and radiators. Installing a boiler is a more complex process than installing a furnace.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Removing the old boiler and disposing of it properly.
  2. “Dressing” the new boiler, which means attaching the appropriate pipes to feed your home’s radiators or radiant pipe systems.
  3. Attaching all feed and return pipes.
  4. Attaching the flue to vent combustion by-products.
  5. Connecting the boiler to your fuel supply.
  6. Starting up and testing the boiler.

Is a boiler a good heating option?

Boilers provide excellent heat for homes in northern New Jersey. Many people consider the warmth a boiler produces to be much more comfortable. Boiler heat is more moist than furnace heat. This is better for people with respiratory ailments because there’s no ductwork to circulate airborne toxins. You might also find that you can leave the heat slightly lower because the humidity makes rooms feel warmer.

Boilers have some downsides. They take a bit longer to start up than furnaces. And since boiler systems have no ducts, the home typically can’t accommodate central air conditioning. But if you’re looking for an effective cooling option in a home without ductwork, our team can show you some fantastic ductless mini-split options.

Trust JW Pierson for your boiler installation.

When you come to JW Pierson Co., we can install your efficient oil-fired boiler system quickly, safely and correctly. We sell and install top-quality products from Peerless, Wiel McLain and Williamson. We also offer comprehensive service plans that ensure you always get expert boiler maintenance for optimal system efficiency.

Are you interested in replacing your struggling boiler? Contact us for a free consultation.