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How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC System Cool?

How Many Rooms Can a Ductless AC System Cool?

Ductless mini-splits are versatile for many home sizes.

ductless ac Montclair, NJ You don’t serve families in northern New Jersey for over 100 years without realizing that every customer and every home is different. At JW Pierson Co., we provide HVAC services for newly constructed homes, historic structures and everything in between. Some of our customers are individuals with simple heating and cooling needs. We also take care of households with three generations that need to accommodate the comfort needs of infants and older adults alike.

With summer arriving in Montclair and elsewhere in New Jersey’s Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen counties, many homeowners are looking into upgrading their cooling systems. Ductless air conditioning is increasingly popular as a long-term, energy-efficient cooling solution for homes without ductwork.

Here’s a breakdown of what ductless AC is and how many rooms it can cool.

What is ductless AC?

As its name suggests, ductless AC (often called a ductless mini-split system) does not require ductwork. For example, homes that use boilers for heating usually use these cooling systems to avoid the disruption and cost of installing ducts.

A ductless AC system is composed of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handling unit. They are joined via a thin line with refrigerant, power cables and other connectors. In the summer, the refrigerant draws heat from the indoor space and expels it outside, leaving cooled air to cycle back in.

How many rooms can you cool with a ductless AC?

Here’s one exciting aspect of ductless AC: multiple air handlers can connect to a single outdoor unit. This makes for some flexible installation options.

One air handling unit cools anywhere from 330 to 1500 square feet, depending on the product’s rating. You can precisely determine how many units you’ll need to cool your home. Working with a licensed HVAC technician from JW Pierson, you can get coverage that maximizes home comfort and minimizes the indoor equipment you need to buy. Then, you can enjoy the superior efficiency of zoned cooling all summer.

What is zoned cooling?

Zoned cooling allows you to keep each space in your home cooled exactly how you want it and lower your overall energy costs. Each air handler in your ductless AC system operates independently. So, unlike with a central AC system, you don’t need to keep your whole house at the same temperature. You can scale back your AC in unoccupied zones and save money.

Is ductless AC hard to install?

When you work with the skilled and experienced team at JW Pierson Co., adding ductless AC to your house is a breeze. The installation process typically involves only drilling to run lines and mount equipment. It often takes less than a day to complete.

The indoor air handlers can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted to your ceiling, and the Fujitsu systems we sell are sleekly designed to match any indoor décor.

Are you interested in receiving a free, no-obligation estimate on a ductless mini-split cooling system? Contact our office to get started.