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Bioheat® Fuel: Better for the Earth & Your Home

Bioheat® Fuel: Better for the Earth & Your Home

Using Bioheat Cuts Emissions and Heats Your Home Better!

biofuel new jerseyIf you are a New Jersey homeowner with an oil-fired heating system, you might have heard the term Bioheat. At JW Pierson Co., we proudly deliver Bioheat fuel that blends ultra-low sulfur heating oil and Biofuel.

Some folks ask us how biodiesel-blended fuel might impact their boiler or furnace. Others wonder if it’s actually good for the environment. We can answer your questions!

What is Bioheat Fuel?

Bioheat fuel blends biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). All New Jersey heating oil companies deliver ULSHO, which has 99% less sulfur than traditional oil and reduces emissions by 70%.
Biodiesel replaces higher-carbon petroleum-based fuels on a gallon-for-gallon basis. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable. The biodiesel we use comes from:

By 2030, biodiesel will replace 529 million gallons of heating oil, by some estimates. Significantly, food isn’t sacrificed for fuel in the production of biodiesel. The oils and fats listed above are minor byproducts of producing food.

Is Bioheat actually good for the planet?

Bioheat fuel is one of the best renewable energy options out there. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions using a pragmatic, evolving process.

Currently, the Northeast U.S.’s use of Bioheat prevents over 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the equivalent of the annual energy use in 180,000 homes. It reduces other harmful emissions like sulfur oxide, particulate matter and mercury. Researchers believe that, by 2050, we will have 100% carbon-neutral Bioheat fuel.

Do I need special equipment to use Bioheat fuel?

Bioheat fuel can be used in existing home heating fuel systems. In fact, it helps to increase system efficiency since burning it leaves fewer deposits in your equipment.

This efficiency reduces wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. That means fewer repairs and less wasted fuel due to poor system performance. You can also expect a longer life expectancy for our boiler or furnace.

At JW Pierson, we’re proud to deliver high-quality, renewable heating oil to New Jersey families. Contact us today to become a customer.