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Forced Electrification Is Not The Way Toward Carbon-Free

Forced Electrification Is Not The Way Toward Carbon-Free

Clean-Burning Bioheat® Fuel’s Role in Eco-Friendly Future

biofuel new jerseyYou might have read about New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, which outlines a pathway to 100% clean energy by 2050. This is a worthy and important goal. Unfortunately, as written, the plan hinges on a push for full electrification that will negatively impact most families in the Garden State.

The current plan would place undue financial burdens on New Jersey families and promote less reliable, less affordable, and ultimately less sustainable home energy.

Luckily, there are alternatives for homeowners looking for reasonable, environmentally-responsible fuel sources, including the Bioheat® fuel that JW Pierson Co. delivers.

The Energy Master Plan Falls Short Economically and Environmentally

Shifting to fully electric heat across New Jersey is easier said than done.

The EMP requires whole-house conversions to electric heat, a process that will cost homeowners $20,000 or more. Sadly, the burden of this plan will fall disproportionately on lower-income families. They will absorb these costs either as household expenses or through rent increases.

Full electrification stands to strain our already fragile electric grid. New Jerseyans should brace for more winter power outages, which will affect heat and hot water in electric-powered homes.

Even from an environmental standpoint, the EMP falls short. America’s electric grid relies heavily on greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels. While government agencies are working to transition the grid to more-sustainable solar and wind power, a timeline is unknown.

The good news here is that existing heating sources like heating oil are already transitioning to low-carbon and no-carbon solutions.

Bioheat Fuel is a Crucial Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change

At JW Pierson, we are proud to deliver clean-burning Bioheat heating oil that incorporates Biofuel. Biofuel is composed of organic matter like:

Bioheat fuel generates far fewer emissions. Because our heating oil burns cleaner, there will be less wear and tear on your heating equipment. That means a longer lifespan for your HVAC system. And Bioheat is becoming more eco-friendly over time. Researchers are on their way to net-zero emission heating oil in the coming years.

We share the EMP’s objective of realizing a green future for the planet and our children. However, the plan needs to be more balanced and embrace all eco-friendly energy products. Our pathway to sustainability cannot force increased expenses, fewer choices, and the potential for massive power outages on New Jersey families.

JW Pierson has heated homes in Essex, Passaic, and Bergen County for over a century. If you need a full-service partner for your home’s oil-fired heating system, contact us today!