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We Can Help You Manage Higher Fuel Prices

We Can Help You Manage Higher Fuel Prices

Price & Payment Programs Make Volatile Times Easier

fuel pricing new jerseyAs we’ve mentioned before, the shocking rise in energy prices is caused by many global issues, including decreased supply, stock market speculation, and fallout from the conflict in Ukraine. This price surge is bad for consumers and local fuel retailers like us. We all hope prices go down soon.

Through these volatile economic times, our primary concern is how we can make this easier for our northern New Jersey customers. You’re our neighbors, and while we can’t control world energy prices (though we wish we could), we want to recommend these pricing and payment programs to help you manage your heating oil expenses.

E-Z Pay is a smart way to slash winter expenses

We feel that every customer should take advantage of our E-Z Pay budget plan. When you enroll, you can lower your winter payments and make your home fuel budget more manageable. You won’t get hit with several huge heating oil bills in the fall and winter. Instead, we’ll spread out your year’s fuel expenses over as many as 12 months. The sooner you sign up, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Even better — you’ll get an automatic discount of 3¢ per gallon!

Multiple ways to protect your price

We also recommend that you try our price cap option too. JW Pierson customers saved a lot of money when they protected their price last year before energy rates began to surge. With a price cap, you can set a maximum amount per gallon while still if the market goes lower.

Both are possibilities this year. Adding a price cap to our E-Z Pay plan gives you the most predictability possible. Bear in mind, however, that this year’s cap will be higher than last year’s to reflect higher fuel prices.

JW Pierson Co. also offers a no-fee pre-purchase fixed price plan that allows you to buy your entire season’s heating oil in advance and lock in your rate. There’s no guarantee you will save money with this option, but it will make your costs totally predictable.

Take the stress out of paying bills

When you enroll in Autopay, you can skip the check and stamp and have your payments deducted automatically via credit card. Plus, you can save 5¢ per gallon!

With paperless billing, we send invoices and receipts by email, reducing paper clutter and offering a digital record of your JW Pierson activity.

Get in touch with us to enroll in any of these programs or discuss ways to reduce your energy usage and save money!