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Double Down on New Heating Equipment Savings

Double Down on New Heating Equipment Savings

Up to $1,400 of Savings With New Jersey Rebates

equipment rebates new jerseyLet’s be honest: With all energy prices on the rise, everyone needs to find ways to save money on their home heating.

We know that some customers are considering switching from heating oil to natural gas. This isn’t the magic solution some think it is. To start, natural gas prices are rising too. They’ve more than doubled this year. More importantly, no one knows where energy prices are headed, so a conversion may not provide appreciable savings in the years to come.

History tells us that investing in system efficiency is almost always a better idea than switching fuels. Energy prices fluctuate; efficiency is always a benefit.

And for a limited time, you can take advantage of huge rebates and discounts on new energy-efficient equipment. You may be eligible for two different waves of New Jersey rebates, which could save you as much as $1,400 on qualifying high-efficiency systems.

Two Ways to Save Big on New HVAC Equipment

Right now, Oilheat New Jersey is offering the following rebates on heating equipment:

But the savings don’t end there! Thanks to funding available through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, you can double your rebate.

JW Pierson Co. can help finance your system upgrade. Reach out to us to request a free estimate and ask about affordable financing for up to 10 years through the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF).

Upgrade Now for Future Savings

This is a great time to shop for a new high-efficiency heating oil system. We have more availability during the summer to install heating equipment since our technician won’t be answering emergency no-heat calls.

Upgrade your system now, and you’ll be ready when winter rolls in. Not only will you be adding value to your home when you upgrade your system; you could also be cutting your annual heating bills by 25 percent or more. And think of all the money you can put back in your pocket when you get your rebate checks!

Don’t delay — these rebates are only around for a limited time and are subject to availability. Contact JW Pierson today to schedule an appointment.