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The Truth About Oil Heat Vs. Electric Heat

The Truth About Oil Heat Vs. Electric Heat

home heating options new jerseyRecently, New Jersey homeowners have been bombarded with advertising designed to convince them to convert their oil-fired heating system to an electric-powered one. But is that a smart move?

The fact is that when it comes to keeping you warm through the long NJ winter, heating oil offers unique benefits that few energy sources – especially electricity – can match.

Benefits Of Heating Oil

Why stay with heating oil rather than changing over to electricity? Consider these benefits:

The bottom line: Don’t believe the hype: there’s a reason why oil heat has been the most reliable source of home heating in the northeastern U.S. for more than a century! To learn more, contact the heating pros at JW Pierson today. And remember: for reliable heating oil delivery in NJ, nobody beats JW Pierson!