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Is Your A/C Ready For Warm Weather?

Is Your A/C Ready For Warm Weather?

Make sure it is with a JW Pierson Service Plan!

a/c ready for summer new jerseySpring is just around the corner!

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to leave winter behind. One way you can prepare for the warmer weather to come is to take care of your home’s air conditioning system.

While you may think that it’s too soon to be thinking about air conditioning, this is actually the perfect time to do so. We’re heading into what is called “shoulder season,” the period when heating season is ending and cooling season is still a ways off.

Benefits of early A/C maintenance service

During this time, our schedule is more open for equipment service. This means that you’ll be able to schedule your tune-up for a time that is most convenient for you.

You’ll beat the spring rush and not have to wait to get an appointment.

Also, if our service technicians find a problem with your air conditioning, we’ll be able to do repairs more quickly so you know that when it’s time to turn on the A/C, it will be in tip-top shape.

Taking care of your air conditioning system with professional maintenance service from the experienced, certified, and insured team of service technicians at JW Pierson keeps your A/C running at its peak efficiency. You’ll keep your energy costs down because you’ll use the least possible amount of energy to keep your home comfortable.

Benefits of a Cool Comfort service plan

Keeping your home’s A/C in good running order is made easy with our affordable Cool Comfort air conditioning service plans.

Each service plan includes a tune-up with our 14-point maintenance checklist that ensures your air conditioning system is thoroughly inspected and serviced. Here’s what our checklist includes:

Our service plans also save you money because, if your home’s A/C does need repairs, many parts and labor costs are covered.

With quality air conditioning service and a JW Pierson Cool Comfort air conditioning service plan, you can be assured that your home will stay cool and comfy all summer long! Contact us today to learn more.