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All Energy Prices Are Rising These Days

All Energy Prices Are Rising These Days

What To Consider Before Converting from Heating Oil to Natural Gas

home fuel prices new jerseyWe don’t need to tell you that energy prices have gone up. From electric bills to the gas pump to home heating, all energy is more expensive.

Some people mistakenly think we make more money at times like this. On the contrary, we make less. Customers reduce usage and fall behind in paying. We have to pay our suppliers promptly, so we borrow more from the bank. It’s an awful mess for everyone.

There’s no denying that heating oil prices are up, but natural gas is too. Its price has more than doubled this year and will likely climb another 25 percent this summer. So, we encourage you to weigh all the factors when considering a natural gas conversion.

Natural Gas Conversion Factors To Think About

JW Pierson Co. has helped many customers switch to natural gas. If you conclude that it’s the best option for your northern New Jersey home, we can help you through the process.

Still, we encourage you to bear in mind that switching your home to natural gas will likely cost between $6,000 and $13,000. You will hopefully recoup these costs over time, but it’s impossible to know where energy prices are headed.

And there are other considerations:

We Want to Help You Through This Volatile Time

Hopefully, fuel prices will go down soon. In the meantime, JW Pierson Co. can help you take control of your heating oil costs with an E-Z Pay budget plan.

E-Z Pay shields you from fluctuations in fuel billing. Rather than getting hit with several large delivery bills during the holidays and at tax time, you can spread out your expenses across 11 equal monthly installments. This will cut your winter expenses in half.

It also makes planning your energy budget much easier and less stressful.

And if the actual cost of your heating oil is higher or lower than we anticipated, we can adjust your plan. You will only pay the cost of the fuel you received at the market price on the days it was delivered — not a dime more.

Need another reason to take advantage of E-Z Pay? We’ll give you a discount of 3 cents per gallon on your heating oil!

JW Pierson Co. is here to help you keep your home comfortable and your expenses manageable. Join our family of customers today!