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Energy Tips Before You Go On Vacation

Energy Tips Before You Go On Vacation

Save Some Dollars While Away From Home

home energy tips new jerseyAre you leaving town sometime soon? Summer vacations can be pricy, but there are many ways to save money on your energy bills by making some simple home adjustments before you leave. With those savings, you can probably pay for an extra souvenir or a nicer dinner on the last night of your trip!

So, while you’re away from your New Jersey home, try these easy money-saving tips.

Turn Your Water Heater to Vacation Mode

Even though you’re away, your water heater will continue heating and reheating the water in its tank —and hot water can account for nearly one-fifth of your home’s energy costs. You can reduce your expenses by putting your water heater on vacation mode. If it doesn’t have a vacation setting, set the temperature to between 50 and 70 degrees.

Turn Up the Temperature on Your Refrigerator

The cooling temperature of your refrigerator is also adjustable, and you don’t need to run it at full power if you’re away on vacation. While you shouldn’t unplug your fridge, your food will still be safe if you set it to 42 degrees. You can set your freezer to 5 degrees.

Set Your Thermostat Higher

It’s easy to forget about your air conditioning when you’re rushing out the door to catch a flight. Even so, you can save serious money by turning your thermostat up to 85 degrees while the house is empty. To help with your frugal A/C habits, JW Pierson Co. can install a smart thermostat for your home. These thermostats let you set your temperatures remotely from a smartphone app. They even make energy-saving adjustments themselves when they detect that no one’s home.

Time Those Lights

You don’t want your empty house to be appealing to criminals. However, if you plan to leave some lights on around your home, there are ways to do so in a cost-effective way. Put some lamps on a timer and replace any old lightbulbs with energy-saving LEDs or halogen incandescent bulbs.

Look Out for Vampire Electronics

If you’ve never heard of a vampire electronic, it’s a device that sucks electricity just by being plugged in. The Department of Energy estimates that vampire electronics can add 10 percent to a home’s monthly electric bill. So, be sure to unplug these devices:

At JW Pierson, we’re here to help you keep your home energy efficient and comfortable. Join our family of customers today!