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Seven Home Energy Fall Preparation Tips

Seven Home Energy Fall Preparation Tips

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Don’t look now, but we’re knocking on Labor Day’s door – which means that fall is just around the corner here in New Jersey. Time to get ready – but how should you do it?

Here are seven ways to smooth the transition to autumn in the Garden State – and some ways to save some money along the way.

  1. Check your detectors – Safety first! Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, changing batteries and replacing them if necessary.
  2. Seal windows and doors – Twenty percent of the air you pay to heat (or cool) could literally be flying out your windows and doors. For as little as $30 worth of materials, you could save hundreds of dollars in heating bills this fall and winter.
  3. Add insulation – Want to make a great bang-for-the-buck investment in your home efficiency and comfort? Add insulation, especially in unconditioned spaces like attics and crawl spaces. Check out this article to find out where and how much to install.
  4. Enroll in a Service Plan – Investing in a high-value JW Pierson Service Plan that covers your routine heating system maintenance will pay off now (with lower energy bills and greater comfort) and later (with fewer repairs).
  5. Order fuel – Order fuel early, before cold weather demand drives up heating oil prices.
  6. Sign up for FREE, convenience-adding programs – Running out of fuel isn’t fun – but you can avoid that hassle by signing up for FREE automatic heating oil delivery. And if you want to avoid unexpectedly high monthly bills this holiday season, try our E-Z pay option, which spreads your year’s energy expenses over 11 equal payments (enrolling could also save you three cents per gallon on your fuel – contact us to learn more).
  7. Consider replacing your older heating systemUpgrading to a new, high-efficiency furnace or boiler could save you 30 percent or more on your monthly heating bill compared to your aging heating system. Your new equipment could pay for itself in just a few years – in the meantime, you enjoy more comfort and more reliable heat.

Fall is coming – be prepared! Contact JW Pierson today and get ready for this heating season with Service Plans, automatic heating oil delivery in NJ, and more!