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Cooling Efficiency Tips For The Rest Of Summer

Cooling Efficiency Tips For The Rest Of Summer

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It’s been a hot one here in New Jersey so far in summer 2020 – and with everyone home more than usual, you’re probably paying more – maybe a lot more – for your cooling bills.

Want to keep those bills as low as possible? Here are some of the best ways to do it.

6 Ways To Keep Cooling Costs Down

  1. Check and change air filters regularly – A clogged air filter will make your air conditioner overwork to do its job, and both you and your equipment will pay for it. Check your air filter monthly, replacing or cleaning it (depending on the model) when needed.
  2. Keep your home air-tight – Caulk and weather seal windows and doors to keep hot air out and cool air in. And don’t forget insulation: adding it in attics, crawl spaces, and other areas of your home is one of the best bang for your buck ways to improve efficiency. To learn more about where and how much insulation to add, check out this post.
  3. Do the “little things” – When it comes to saving money on cooling, the devil is often in the details: keep doors and windows closed, keep shades down in sunny rooms to minimize the greenhouse effect, avoid using heat-producing appliances like ovens and clothes dryers, keep vents closed in unused rooms, use ceiling fans to promote airflow – anything that will take some of the load off your A/C.
  4. Use your programmable thermostat – You can save about 3-5 percent per day on air conditioning bills for each degree you raise the thermostat, says the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. When you’re home, target a temperature of about 78 degrees – a temperature the Department of Energy says represents the best balance of comfort and energy savings.
  5. Take care of needed service quickly – If your A/C is showing signs that it needs service, take care of them as soon as possible – the longer you put it off, the more costly your repair is likely to become. If you skipped annual air conditioning tune-up this year, it’s not too late to schedule a service call and get your cooling system back up and running at peak performance.
  6. Consider a cooling system upgrade – A new high-efficiency air conditioner can save you 30 percent on your monthly bills compared to your older model, which means it will pay for itself in just a few years – especially when you consider rebates and manufacture’s incentives. Want an out-of-the-box way to save money on cooling? Add a super-efficient ductless air conditioner as a supplemental source of cool air in rooms that get a lot of use or tend to stay warm – that way you don’t have to run your central A/C unit on full blast to stay comfortable.

There’s still plenty of heat left to come in 2020 – keep those cooling bills in check! If you need cooling system repairs or maintenance – or want to take your whole A/C up a notch with a top quality high-efficiency ductless or central air conditioning system upgrade – we can help. Contact JW Pierson today to learn more or get a FREE, no-obligation estimate from our team of home cooling experts!