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Late Summer Is Perfect for a Heating Tune-up

Late Summer Is Perfect for a Heating Tune-up

Schedule HVAC maintenance now — it won’t “wear off”

hvac service new jerseyAt this point in the summer, you probably haven’t thought about your home’s boiler or furnace in months. Why would you when there’s so much fun to have in northern New Jersey?

Even though you’re still enjoying cookouts with the family and long weekends at the Shore, fall is not that far away. And the late summer is the ideal time to bring in a service technician to perform annual maintenance on your heating equipment.

Don’t worry — you can get your tune-up out of the way, and the service won’t “wear off” between now and when temperatures drop.

Annual tune-ups offer peace of mind and reduced energy bills

Candidly, the moderate investment you make in getting a tune-up for your furnace or boiler will pay dividends in the fall and winter. Here are some of the benefits of annual maintenance:

Lock in a tune-up appointment right now

At JW Pierson Co., we currently have plenty of available appointment times for heating system tune-ups. Once the fall rolls around, many more people will start scheduling their maintenance. By winter, it will be hard to get your preferred time slot since most of our technicians will be handling no-heat calls that need immediate attention.

So, don’t delay. If you get your service out of the way now, your heating system will be ready for the cold weather.

Do you have a Pierson service plan? If so, your annual tune-up is already paid for, and you just need to schedule it!

We’re ready to help you prepare for the cold weather that’s just around the corner. Arrange service today.