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Using a Generator Safely

Using a Generator Safely

Simple tips for propane and natural gas standby generators.

generator safety Bloomfield, NJ At JW Pierson Co., we often speak with homeowners who are concerned about power outages in Northern New Jersey. These customers include older adults who depend on stair lifts and other electric mobility equipment. They include folks who need power for vital at-home medical devices and people who are often away from home and concerned about keeping their security systems running when the grid fails.

A grid outage in Blomfield or other parts of the Pierson service region can leave homeowners without heating, air conditioning, lights, communication devices and cold food storage. Luckily, having backup power in the form of a generator can protect you from electrical interruptions. And JW Pierson’s team is here to help ensure your generator is running safely all year round.

Do you have a portable generator or a standby generator?

The first thing to determine is whether you’re using a portable generator or a standby generator. Here are some quick ways to tell:

If you have a portable generator, it’s essential that you only run it outside. Running it inside will lead to the accumulation of combustion gases, which can be extremely dangerous. It would be best if you also kept this generator protected against inclement weather, including rain, snow and high winds. When you need to refuel a portable generator, you should power it down and wait for it to cool down first.

How can you use standby generators safely?

The first concern regarding standby generator safety is its placement. A trusted, experienced generator installer like a JW Pierson technician can ensure your standby system is placed according to manufacturer guidelines and National Fire Protection Association advisories. These include the following:

We also recommend you follow these general maintenance tips:

Schedule generator maintenance with JW Pierson.

Finally, you must arrange a professional generator tune-up every 12 to 24 months or after every 200 hours of use, whichever comes first. The technicians at JW Pierson Co. can test, calibrate and clean your standby generator to ensure it is ready to work seamlessly if and when you lose power from the grid.

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