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What Are Smart Thermostats?

What Are Smart Thermostats?

Improve energy efficiency and save money!

thermostats new jerseyIf you still have an outdated manual thermostat, which features a dial or switch to alter the temperature setting, now is the time to upgrade to a smart thermostat, which will help you use your home’s heating and cooling system more efficiently as well as save money on energy.

JW Pierson sells and installs top-quality smart thermostats by RedLINK Wireless Comfort from Honeywell.

With the right settings, your smart thermostat can help you save money on your energy bills while also lowering your carbon footprint. When you consider that half of your home’s energy expenses are for heating and cooling, a smart thermostat is a wise long-term investment. In fact, using a smart thermostat to program your thermostat correctly might save you 10% or more on your heating and cooling expenses. You’ll get savings from the start!

Why are smart thermostats the best choice?

When programmable thermostats were released several decades ago, they revolutionized household heating and cooling management.

Manual thermostats required you to remember to change your thermostat every day before leaving home, then re-adjust it when you got home and wait for the temperature of your house to rise. When you walk in from the cold on a winter’s day, or the heat and humidity of a summer’s day, that wait feels very lengthy.

Programmable thermostats were the ideal solution for keeping your home at a desired temperature. You could program your thermostat to operate on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and more. 

Many of the features of smart thermostats go above and beyond those of standard programmable thermostats.

Smart thermostats learn about your home’s cooling and heating systems, and how you use them. You may enable it to take into account your family’s routine, as well as your heating and cooling preferences, when designing the most efficient and energy-saving thermostat settings.

Here are some other things smart thermostats can do:
Be controlled through your smartphone. Anywhere you have a wireless or cellular signal, you can check your thermostat settings while on vacation. You’ll be free of worries about forgetting to change the thermostat before you go. You can also program your smart thermostat so that your house is at a comfortable temperature when you get home. 

Monitor your home’s HVAC system. The RedLINK Wireless Comfort from Honeywell smart thermostat’s capabilities go far beyond monitoring and changing the temperature settings. It can also:

notify you when it’s time to change the air filter or schedule your maintenance tune-up

Put technology to work for energy savings and improved comfort in your home! Contact us today to install a RedLINK Wireless Comfort from Honeywell smart thermostat.