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What Is An Indirect-Fired Water Heater?

What Is An Indirect-Fired Water Heater?

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An indirect-fired water heater is one of the smartest ways to heat the water in your New Jersey home – but most people don’t know much about this energy efficient option.

Here’s how it works: Rather than use a separate burner to heat water (as a conventional water heater would), an indirect water heater uses heat generated by your boiler or furnace to generate the hot water used in your faucets and appliances. By operating this way, you essentially get free hot water whenever your heating equipment is running – which is great, considering that about 20 percent of the energy you use during the fall and winter is spent heating water.

Benefits Of Indirect-fired Water Heating

But lower energy bills are only one benefit of choosing an indirect-fired water heater. Others include:

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Of course, an indirect water heater isn’t right for everyone…which is why we offer conventional and tankless water heater options from today’s most trusted brands. Contact us today to see what water heater make and model is right for you.

An indirect water heater can be hard to beat when paired with a high efficiency boiler or furnace as the heat source. Contact JW Pierson today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on an indirect-fired water heater – or any other water heater – for your New Jersey home!