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What is a Heat Pump?

What is a Heat Pump?

A combined heating and cooling option for your home

heat pump installation new jersey In the 21st century, heat pumps have seen a massive uptick in popularity outside the United States. Northern European countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark have a considerable proportion of heat pumps. According to the European Heat Pump Association, European citizens will likely be using 2.3 million heat pumps by 2027!

And this electric heating and cooling technology is also gaining popularity in the United States. Heat pumps are an adaptable, efficient source for supplemental heat and summertime cooling. But what are heat pumps, and how do they work?

Heat pump basics

A heat pump is a fully electric comfort system installed outside your home. It moves heat between the inside and outside of your living space. There are two main types of heat pumps: air-source and ground-source.

Far and away, air-source heat pumps are the more popular and affordable option on the market. JW Pierson Co. proudly installs and repairs air-source heat pumps for households in Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties.

Installing a heat pump in your home

Air-source heat pump installation is a quick and straightforward business.

There are two basic parts to any heat pump. An outdoor compressor/condenser connects to an indoor air handler via a thin pipe through your wall. You can connect multiple air handlers to one compressor/condenser.

In cooler months, the heat pump compresses air from outside and pumps heated air into your home. During the summer, the process reverses, and hot air inside your house gets drawn out, with cooler air pumped back in.

The benefits of a heat pump

There are many significant reasons that heat pumps are so popular abroad and growing more common in the U.S. Consider these benefits you receive from having a heat pump in your home:

  1. Combined heating and cooling. Heat pumps provide an all-in-one solution for cool weather and hot. They also offer zoned comfort: you can keep different rooms at different temperatures.
  2. No need for ductwork. Heat pumps are a great option if you have a home with radiators and no ducts. Their ductless cooling feature is a fabulous alternative to central A/C.
  3. Discreet, versatile placement. Your indoor air handlers can go virtually anywhere.
  4. Lower fuel use. Heat pumps are especially helpful in fall and early winter. You can hold off running your furnace or boiler for several weeks, reducing fuel consumption.
  5. Heating and cooling difficult spaces. Do you have an attic, garage, sunroom or guest room that seems impossible to heat and cool? A heat pump is a low-cost, effective solution!
  6. Long-lasting comfort. Heat pumps have a long lifespan, usually around 10 to 15 years.

JW Pierson is your one-stop heat pump company

The trustworthy home comfort team at JW Pierson Co. can get your heat pump set up in as little as one day. And we’ll be there for years to come when you need a heat pump repair or yearly maintenance. Your family’s comfort is our number one priority!

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