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What is Bioheat® Fuel?

What is Bioheat® Fuel?

The modern heating oil is great for the environment and your home

biofuel new jerseyThere is quite a lot of conversation today about how best to fight the harmful effects of climate change. Certainly, families in northern New Jersey want to know that they’re heating their homes in a way that helps rather than hurts the planet.

At JW Pierson Co., we’re as concerned as you are about protecting the environment and ensuring a clean, sustainable future for future generations. That’s why we deliver Bioheat fuel to our customers. You might not have heard that term before, but this innovative, eco-friendly heating oil is a vital tool in decarbonization.

Here’s a quick primer on what Bioheat fuel is and how it’s leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Garden State and beyond!

Understanding Bioheat fuel’s blend

If you are one of JW Pierson’s heating oil delivery customers, you can feel good about the way you’re heating your living space and water. Our heating oil is light years beyond the old product your grandparents burned. There’s no more soot or smoke — just efficient heating with minimal carbon impact.

Bioheat fuel is a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and sustainable biofuel made with organic and recycled feedstocks. These feedstocks include animal fats, inedible corn oil, soybean oil, tallow, used cooking oils and even algae.

Biofuel is a gallon-for-gallon replacement for petroleum fuel.

The benefits of Bioheat fuel

By incorporating organic biofuel into our heating oil, we offer a product that has fantastic benefits for your home, your family, and the planet. For example:

And there are even bigger picture advantages to Bioheat fuel.

A recent study sought to quantify the widespread benefits of biofuel. It focused on 13 sites and communities across the country with high air pollution rates because of petroleum diesel emissions. The research showed that shifting from petroleum to biofuel in these areas would result in:

As you can see, Bioheat fuel is a crucial tool in achieving a net-zero carbon future. Unlike many other pathways to reducing carbon emissions, this product is available today and has proven to provide superior, clean comfort. We are proud to deliver it to our valued customers.

If you’re ready to experience the efficient, sustainable warmth of Bioheat fuel, we can help you do so. Contact us today to begin receiving heating oil deliveries.