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When Should I Replace My Oil Tank?

When Should I Replace My Oil Tank?

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Most steel-walled heating oil tanks were built to last somewhere between 15 and 20 years (depending on their construction) – which means if you have been living in your New Jersey home since 2005 (or earlier) and haven’t replaced your tank, you could be due – or even overdue – for an upgrade.

Heating oil tank aging is from the inside out

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because your older tank isn’t showing signs of a leak that it is completely safe to use: heating oil tanks typically begin to deteriorate from the inside out due to trapped moisture and sediment.

When a tank fails, it usually begins as a small pinhole resulting from that internal corrosion. But that’s not always the case: occasionally, a failure releases a substantial amount of oil all at once, with no advance warning or leakage.

If you have an outdoor heating oil tank and that oil leaches into the soil, you may have a hazardous waste cleanup situation on your hands, which can be quite expensive to remediate (it’s not much more fun if your oil tank is indoors, either, especially since most homeowner insurance policies won’t cover an oil tank leak).

Save BIG with a new Roth oil storage tank installation

The good news is that summer is the perfect time to replace your above-ground oil tank – especially this year, thanks to this amazing special.

Install a new, top quality Roth above-ground oil tank and you’ll get:

If you already know your oil tank needs to be replaced, don’t wait – it’s not worth the risk. Avoid costly cleanups from an old heating oil tank – contact JW Pierson today to sign up for a FREE estimate on a new heating oil tank for your TOWN home!