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Is It Time for an Air Conditioning Repair?

Is It Time for an Air Conditioning Repair?

Sorting out what cooling system maintenance you can do and when to call the pros

ac service bloomfield, nj We know it’s been a while, but try to remember the last time you ran your home’s air conditioning system. Did it run smoothly and quietly? Did it keep your living spaces reliably cool?

In Essex, Passaic, Union and Bergen County, many households will be turning on their cooling equipment, and some will face the unpleasant surprise that it’s not working like it used to. That’s often when the JW Pierson team is needed for an air conditioning repair call.

Before you panic about a struggling A/C, let’s look at what maintenance you can manage on your own — and when you need a professional HVAC technician for help.

A/C maintenance you can do

Many A/C problems result from clogs and blockages that you can handle on your own. Here are some simple steps you can take this spring that might resolve some fundamental A/C problems:

It’s also a good idea to schedule air conditioning maintenance every year. Having a professional inspect, clean and calibrate your cooling system will extend its life and ensure it operates efficiently. If you have a JW Pierson service plan, your tune-up is already paid for!

Some A/C issues that might require a professional repair visit

There are some warning signs that your A/C equipment needs a visit from an experienced technician. These include:

For the most part, our technicians can handle these issues, but there are times when it makes more sense to replace a struggling A/C system than repair it.

When you should consider an A/C replacement

Here are some general circumstances when you should replace your cooling system instead of repairing it:

Has your northern New Jersey home been warmer than you’d like in the summer? Don’t put up with another season of subpar air conditioning. Contact JW Pierson Co. and request a service appointment.