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4 Reasons to Get a Whole-House Generator

4 Reasons to Get a Whole-House Generator

Backup power generation has many benefits for your home

propane generators new jersey Here’s some unfortunate news: Americans are facing the longest power outages since the government began tracking blackouts. And New Jersey residents live with some of the longest stretches without electricity.

For JW Pierson customers in Essex, Passaic and Bergen County, losing power is more than an inconvenience. It can be a matter of safety for people who rely on electricity for mobility and medical equipment. And when the grid goes down in the winter, every homeowner faces the prospect of a frigid home.

However, households that invest in a whole-house generator (also called a standby generator) can rest easy knowing they have dependable backup electricity powered by propane or natural gas. Here are four significant benefits of a whole-house generator.

1. Automatic backup power

Whether you’re at your home or away from it, your generator will provide dependable backup power. Whole-house generators automatically switch to generator power when grid electricity fails. Even if you’re away on vacation, your climate control and security systems will keep running without interruption.

2. Versatile power supply options

Standby generators offer an adaptable backup power solution. When JW Pierson Co. prepares for a generator installation, we work closely with you to identify the right-sized product. We account for the size of your home but also consider your personal backup electricity needs. Some households just need the lights, heat and refrigerator running. Others need to keep WiFi working. Whatever your personalized needs, we can set up your generator to satisfy them.

3. Reliable fuel to keep the generator running

The natural gas and propane whole-house generators we install have significant advantages over portable gasoline generators. To begin, gasoline has a short shelf life, and you could be out of luck getting fresh gas in a blackout since service stations won’t be running. When your generator is connected to a propane tank or a natural gas utility, you have steady, dependable fuel to keep your home powered.

4. Protection against damage to your home

Whole-house generators offer peace of mind that your home and belongings will be safe even during inclement weather. A generator helps you avoid the following:

Trust JW Pierson for your generator needs

Freezing nights and snowstorms are right around the corner. For more than a century, JW Pierson Co. has kept northern New Jersey homes safe and warm. A standby generator guarantees maximum confidence in the comfort of your home.

We have experience installing whole-house generators and will help you find the size and capacity needed to keep your family, house and pets safe during a power outage. We’ll even help you with financing and can provide expert generator maintenance for years to come!

Don’t be at the mercy of an overburdened, untrustworthy electric grid. Contact us to explore your whole-house generator options.